Philippines is a retarded country.

Setyembre 19, 2012

Actually, that’s just it. but of course I need to backup my claims so I’ll just try to do that now.

Enter Republic Act 10175 also known as “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012” (hell even my browser is attempting to auto-correct “Cybercrime” into two words lol.)  recently enacted by our equally incompetent government. One provision of it did make a noise on some “news channels” because of what they said a last minute insertion of a clause about libel. (insertions never did any good to this country do they? 😀 )

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, some reporter/blogger said/claimed that the one who inserted that clause was that famous senator who got caught in a plagiarism “scandal” that will surely cost his career next election if the people will learn from their mistakes (but I highly doubt that.)

While other countries have started or even attempted to decriminalize libel, this retarded country have continued to expand it. I’m pretty sure Tim Berners-Lee will not be pleased after he just said in a statement that “the World Wide Web should be free of censorship” and for those of you who don’t know who he is. Tim Berners-Lee is one of the person who created the World Wide Web that all of us are using today.

But let’s go back to the one who’s supposed to inserted that clause. Why? What’s his goal? maybe he wanted to get back at those people who exposed his or his staff’s incompetency? is this what he meant when he said that “just wait”? we all thought it was that another stupid bill that they we’re trying to come up in the name of “Blogging Bill”? Actually, everybody got caught off guard here I think. really well played by the “gods” of this country.

But after all that, to tell you the truth. for some years now, I think I don’t even believe on the system of governments anymore. I mean, they say that self-preservation is mans first law or something. and of course, government has power, and for sure they don’t want to lose that power. they just want to keep controlling the people forever. Think about it, look at the history of politicians just ON this country alone and you’ll see the same clan over and over again. but that’s really going off topic now.

So there you go, if you read all that then thank you.

The Chief Executive’s motto is supposed to be “Daang Matuwid” or in english, maybe something like “Straight Path” but he didn’t cleared it up if it was supposed to be Straight Path forward, or Straight Path backwards. the way things going now, I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

P.S. 2
This is just an afterthought. But I also believe that the information on the internet is not that controlled as compared to traditional media (Print, TV, Radio, etc) therefore people can decide to think for themselves but of course, the government does not want people to think for themselves but to continue to just feed all the information they’re trying to feed. so please, think about everything before you believe it. even though in the end you will believe what they’ve said, at least you have think about it instead of just blindly accepting it.


4 mga puna

  1. ahaha, yes ours is, in many ways… ^^ but probably, it is because of a number of factors… having a not-so-competent and not -so-people sensitive elite may just be one of it, kapatid…

    i’ll explain more some other time. have the rest of the weekend easy, Snake. kaway! 😉

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