The Apotheosis

Hulyo 15, 2012

A very famous celebrity dies, the whole country turns upside down, then history gets re-written or written.

I’ve witness those pattern three times in my current life,  and I’m not gonna name names as to not get hits regarding him specially the most current one. But most likely you already know who he is.

Media outlets scrambling to get an exclusive scoop as to what’s happening, bombarding the citizen’s with memorial specials minute after minute. Funny thing is, a few hours or even minutes after he was announced dead those media outlets already have a memorial VTR that makes you think it was pre-made days or even weeks before. When they were bombing the minds of the citizenry for weeks, about his “condition” et cetera, and how he was getting “better” and maybe can already get out of the hospital.

Now comes the wake, media outlets reporting the kind of casket used and it’s price. same goes for the materials for the “final resting place”. I don’t really get it. I don’t know what’s the point of telling the whole citizenry about the price of the casket used whose price most likely can not be even touched by the majority of the people in this country in their whole life.

Maybe they are teaching people that if you “worked hard” you can get there as well. or perhaps, they’re teaching people albeit subconsciously to treat him as someone on a pedestal, someone higher, or something else altogether.

Then hoards and hoards of people flocking in amazingly waiting for their turn to see him “one last time” for a few seconds. just like, a deity if you ask me. Now my question is, how many people in that place were just there so that they can boast “ah I’m on his wake!” as what majority of the people here would do or say?

Now now, don’t get me wrong. as I believe most of you would think that I hate the guy. No, in fact I also like the guy. But I just can’t help but look on it from the other side as I have always did.

Although I believe this “event” or “tragedy” for some, will not really change the course of our history that much unlike the death of that former president whose son is now the president of this land. but I seriously think that it’s about time we shift our focus or mentality not on a certain few personalities, but look  broader in perspective.

But how can that happen when the mass media is controlling the minds of the whole citizenry?

So now, he is with “God” as most would say or maybe they really meant, he is now a “God” because of how most of the people treats him.


9 mga puna

  1. hello, snake… i like the points you raised in this post. babalika ako, kapatid, para mag-iwan ng mas mahabang comment… have a good week! 🙂

    • Thank you, I’ll wait for it po. 🙂

      • hello, snake… the whole point behind idolatry is to get a piece of the famous, di ba? because he or she who is big in the public eye represents the longing – for success, for fame, for wealth – of the ordinary members of the mass. whatever one wants but can’t attain, is there in the idolized person. it’s a poor substitute for the real thing, the being there, but a substitute no less.

        it maybe easy for one person to say “what’s the fuss? what’s the bandwagon all about?” it maybe about what is missing in many peoples’ lives that is represented albeit vaguely and remotely by that famous person. ayon yata… hello, kumusta? 😉

      • Siguro nga po, but is life always about fame and wealth? pero I guess ibang paksa na yun.

        Maraming salamat po sa iyong komento, nagiisip talaga ko pero wala akong maisagot. 🙂 Ayos naman po ako salamat.

  2. As it is often theorized, mass media is the “4th estate,” an influential force that cultivates and shapes the opinion and attitude of the society. If it serves limited facts to formulate limited premises, then people can only draw equally limited conclusions, thus narrow and shallow views/perspective exist. Thanks (or no thanks) to the Internet, it can either help us widen our horizon and see things from other perspective, or make us join the bandwagon and wallow in the quagmire of pure sensationalism in the name of yellow journalism. ^_^

    • Deep, so as usual para pala ito yung favourite ko na GIGO (or wala na kasi akong ibang alam na concept). interesting. thank you thank you 😀

  3. hello, snake. pasensya, medyo natagalan akong nakabalik, abala ang lola mo sa mga suliranin at binaha rin nga pala kami ng husto…

    hey, you’re asking if things are all about fame and wealth, medyo nagtaka ako ro’n – ang bata mo pa para itanong yaan, ahaha. why a bit cynical and kinda world-weary this early, kapatid. just curious… ^^
    no, i guess it isn’t all about fame and wealth. i’ve heard and i concur, it’s about health, education and keeping and making peace… the later may sound to be simpler than the former mentioned but they appear to be more difficult to achieve as well, especially so in an inequitable and economically insecure setting, kapatid…

    for those who have a little more in life or really rich – roof and shelter, food, education, it maybe easy to dismiss idolatry and hero worship as mere fancies, escape from the drab and unnecessary distractions of people who could make better use of their time and energy…

    for those people with hardly anything in life, their idols serve as a means to dream of worlds impossible, of life unreachable and luxuries unimaginable. the dreams maybe foolish, but at least, they (particularly the poor and the young) still have the capacity to dream. and in life, i think that is very important, don’t you agree? ^^

    of course, one might say that show business and politics exploit people and their ignorance and also make false promises. to a large extent, yes… but they also peddle hopes, big and small. and when there is hardly anything to go by, to live by, those fields also serve a purpose – for people to keep on hoping, against all odds. ^^

    kumusta ka? 🙂

    • Hahaha, cynical nga ako kadalasan, di ko alam kung bakit. kung world weary.. *googling….* bago ko igoogle was about to say no, pero nung nakita ko meaning parang gusto kong isagot na “yes” hahaha, again wala akong explanation, magiisip po muna ko.

      I do agree that it is free to dream and very importante, pero minsan kasi puro “dream” na lang pero wala namang ginagawa para maabot yung “dream” na yun.

      Mukhang hindi lumabas sa tinayp ko sa itaas pero ang gusto ko lang naman sabihin is something like this “kesa bigyan ng false hopes through idolatry and stuff ang mga tao, bakit hindi na lang empowerment through… education maybe?” Parang ang nangyayari kasi is Status Quo lang, nasanay na yung mga tao sa kung anong isalaksak sa lalamunan nila ng mga nasa itaas.

      Ano kaya reason nun? Self-preservation (of wealth?)? medyo naoff topic na po, pero basically iyon. Parang may mali, mali sa psyche? culture? hindi ko rin alam, pero halos kalalampas pa lang ng isandaang taon ng ating republika pero halos ganun pa rin, siguradong may “hindi tama” kung saan man, hindi ko alam.

      Ayos naman po ako, nahabagat din kami pero since “sanay” na kami sa baha dati pa alam na kung kailangang mag akyat ng gamit o hindi, although to be fair since nagkaroon ng C6, Ondoy nung huli kaming binaha. 😀

      Ang luma pong title nitong blog ko is “My Page of Rant”.

      • hello, Snake.. balikan ko ito sa ibang araw, ha… regards! 🙂

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