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Aren’t we missing the point?

Hulyo 25, 2012

Well, as you can see, for the first time I used tags hoping that this would get some “readers” with some knowledge to the matter.

Now, for the past few months. I’ve registered or should I say “enrolled” to some entity that offers a Free Online Course (Seriously, I think the word course is somewhat not correct but whatever) and seeing people’s first question always is “Are we getting a certificate?”

Sorry, but if you are asking that question then I think you are completely missing the point. Well, not really. but there are some people who almost do those course just for that useless “digital” paper. and those are the people who are missing the point completely.

I even see people on facebook saying they’ve studied at *Insert Ivy League School here* on a certain course to the point sometime it is laughable. Is it for bragging rights? sure, fine whatever. I guess that is human nature after all.

But I believe the whole point for that is not those certificates really. Knowledge of the subject matter. that’s the point. but that’s just me.


Patunay na ang mga mambabatas sa atin ay walang paninindigan.

Hulyo 19, 2012

Sa katunayan, hindi ko alam ang titulo na ilalagay ko dito. di ko rin alam kung paano ko sisimulan ang lahat ng ito. kaya simulan na lang natin dito.

at ito,

at ang pinaka paborito ko sa lahat.

Siguro sa nakararami ang nakikita nila dito ay ang “negatibong” aspeto ng mga bagay. pero para sakin, yung kabilang panig ang aking nakikita.

Sa sobrang passionate nila sa kanilang mga paniniwala handa nilang gawin ang lahat para lang maipasa o mapigilang ipasa ang mga batas. palibhasa kasi sa kanila, hindi uso ang balimbing. ang isang partido may paninindigan talaga at hindi napapanahon lang.

Kaya kung tutuusin mo talagang kalokohan lang ang mga political parties sa bansa natin eh. pero wag na nating ituloy diyan at baka bukas eh lumulutang na ko sa ilog pasig.

Ano ba tinutumbok ko? Simple lang, at nahagip na nung mga nauna kong sinabi. wala kasing paninindigan ang mga mambabatas sa atin, kung ano ang idikta ng mga makapangyarihan iyon ang gagawin nila. depende rin sa panahon.

Sa isang banda, naisip ko lang na medyo may kaplastikan rin kasi ang karamihan sa pilipinas. at mas kailangan mo yan pag nasa pwesto ka. pag kaharap, kamayan, beso. pero pag talikod saka binabanatan. minsan pinapapatay pa talaga.

So there you go, ironic lang dahil progresibo daw tayo. siguro nga, pero hindi pa tayo progresibo pag dating sa pagiisip. masyado pa kasing pinepersonal ang lahat sa atin sa lahat ng bagay.


The Apotheosis

Hulyo 15, 2012

A very famous celebrity dies, the whole country turns upside down, then history gets re-written or written.

I’ve witness those pattern three times in my current life,  and I’m not gonna name names as to not get hits regarding him specially the most current one. But most likely you already know who he is.

Media outlets scrambling to get an exclusive scoop as to what’s happening, bombarding the citizen’s with memorial specials minute after minute. Funny thing is, a few hours or even minutes after he was announced dead those media outlets already have a memorial VTR that makes you think it was pre-made days or even weeks before. When they were bombing the minds of the citizenry for weeks, about his “condition” et cetera, and how he was getting “better” and maybe can already get out of the hospital.

Now comes the wake, media outlets reporting the kind of casket used and it’s price. same goes for the materials for the “final resting place”. I don’t really get it. I don’t know what’s the point of telling the whole citizenry about the price of the casket used whose price most likely can not be even touched by the majority of the people in this country in their whole life.

Maybe they are teaching people that if you “worked hard” you can get there as well. or perhaps, they’re teaching people albeit subconsciously to treat him as someone on a pedestal, someone higher, or something else altogether.

Then hoards and hoards of people flocking in amazingly waiting for their turn to see him “one last time” for a few seconds. just like, a deity if you ask me. Now my question is, how many people in that place were just there so that they can boast “ah I’m on his wake!” as what majority of the people here would do or say?

Now now, don’t get me wrong. as I believe most of you would think that I hate the guy. No, in fact I also like the guy. But I just can’t help but look on it from the other side as I have always did.

Although I believe this “event” or “tragedy” for some, will not really change the course of our history that much unlike the death of that former president whose son is now the president of this land. but I seriously think that it’s about time we shift our focus or mentality not on a certain few personalities, but look  broader in perspective.

But how can that happen when the mass media is controlling the minds of the whole citizenry?

So now, he is with “God” as most would say or maybe they really meant, he is now a “God” because of how most of the people treats him.