Makati City is a land of crooks.

Hunyo 2, 2012

Bold statement, isn’t it? Good thing I don’t have much traffic that I think (or would like to believe) that the higher ups would not be able to get a hold of this and not end up getting killed.

Now, let me substantiate that. I am referring specifically to their Anti Smoke Belching Unit or ASBU (more like A Stupid Bunch Unit) that’s been flagging down motorists since, I don’t know.

How can I say that? simple, because they are. they redline the engines their testing, deliberately flagging those who looks like have a lot of money, and they are arrogant ass.

Seriously, if they can’t be revamped they should just be abolished.

Even the noblest intentions sometimes is not enough, specially when greed is everywhere add to that the sentence I repeated for a while in my recent posts. “Power Corrupts”

If someone from your LGU is reading this, please take a look in that unit of yours, it’s a minefield of corruption in there.

And your previous mayor wants to be the president of this land?! Oh God (or any Divine Entity) bless this country.

Sorry for somewhat deceiving you in this entry, but hey that’s how “Media” works.  😀


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