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Dysfunctional Society I

Mayo 7, 2012

I. PRESS FREEDOM is not Absolute

Imagine you are behind the enemy lines, are you going to shout “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!!!!”? of course not, that will get you killed yourself. not unless you think you are immune to death or very very confident that you would be able to complete your mission (except if your mission is to be a decoy and dying is a part of it)

So where does freedom of the press comes in? use your imagination. not going to tell the incident nor names as I don’t want to give them what they want, publicity. but I guess you will or already know who am I talking about.

You see, most journalist think they are immune to almost anything, up to the point they can stick their dick on someone’s anuses and get away with it. they can always do ANYTHING they want under the guise of press freedom. and technically, that is called power, because you have something that others don’t have. and as we all know, “Power Corrupts”

Who in right mind would openly picture someone getting angry? I mean, I think everybody will get angrier if they saw someone doing that, but because this certain journalist also had his own “angas” and he’s immune he did that anyway.

II. Celebrity Privileges

Celebrities on the other hand, also have that sort of power, they’re treated like their God and Goddesses. and in effect some if not most people happen to get it on their heads on which they think that gives them a right to lambaste or outright put other people down. Again, “Power Corrupts”

Final. Dysfunctional Society

Here’s a question, if those two party are just “normal” people, would people even give a damn about it? if the the celebrity otherwise think that they are nothing special, would they have that temper? if that journalist did take the photos but discreetly, could this have happened as well?

Sadly, when basis for human integrity is their airtime on television or their profession itself, money, fame, and not “have they contributed something ‘good’ to society” this what happens, and I believe that thinking is not going to change anytime soon so see you in the next brawl, herd.