Pseudo Movie Review.

Abril 29, 2012

For the past few days, while people are raving about “Avengers” for some reason, I suddenly had the urge (and motivation) to actually source and watch some of the Japanese Films I wanted to watch. (actually, I just had the urge to watch Japanese films)

Being the “weird” person that I was, I am not that fond of going to theater or movie houses, If I remembered correctly, the last time I went to a movie houe was more than 5 years ago. (no, not exaggerating), and with the advent of *bleep* I guess that just made my non fondness even more.

With that being said, the last Japanese film I watched was Kokuhaku/Confessions. (in the comforts of the home) and a little search shows that it was the Japan Academy Prize Best Film for a certain year, and there goes the start my short journey.

I decided to watch films that won the Japan Academy Prize for Best Film, I manage to get a few of them namely, Hula Girls, Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me and Sometimes Dad, Okuribito/Departures, and Youkame no Semi/Rebirth. Already watched all of it except Rebirth. Actually, I have nothing good or bad to say about it, I have no complaints (not that I really have the right or can do constructive criticism anyway.)

With that, I also got other films as well namely Fujoshi Kanojo and Shinjuku Incident. now, those two are the ones I want to talk about. (sorry for that long nonsense introduction)

First is Fujoshi Kanojo, you might ask, “You? really? watching that?” and yes, why not? besides, slice of life manga about otaku in general interests me anyway because I think I am one too (but not like the hardcore ones that’s always shown in television)

So for the comments about the film itself, I think I would have enjoyed it if not for some maybe bad decisions on the part of director or screenwriter (not sure which) I actually enjoyed the first hour of the film, except for some parts with overacting (IMHO) parts of the main actress of which I can let it pass because she looks good and not really the main focus of the film.

but then it got to the second part where it really got taxing to watch (good thing the female lead looks good *emphasis*) it suddenly got slow, then we have these weird wide angle shots that doesn’t really make sense to me, add to that a few scenes with VEEERY long seconds of silence that instead of making the scene maybe “romantic” or “confusing” it became disturbing. but still, the lead female looks good.

Now for Shinjuku Incident, I think most of you knew it already, and yes it’s not a Japanese film per se, I just happen to see it and decided to get it anyway because I a big Jackie Chan fan.

so for the movie itself, this is going to be short, As for the film itself, I have no comments really, except for some superficial things like what happened to Xiu Xiu (which I can somewhat justify to myself that we are seeing the film in “Steelhead” angle and he never knew what will happen to her so does we.) and although Jie’s “change” has been implied, everything is abrupt, suddenly “mother” is dead and her daughter also became a junkie. etc etc.

Second, I can’t believe how Jackie Chan is an effective dramatic actor. I mean, really. maybe because I’m a fanboy or something but he is effective, I don’t know what is the basis of a good or bad acting so I can’t comment on that, what I was saying is he is effective.

and Finally, seeing Jackie Chan “humanized” somewhat tickle a weird sensation in me. I mean, it’s weird to see him run away from the enemies because he doesn’t have this “superhero” protection, and watching him near death feels like my childhood is based on a lie.

It’s Jackie Chan for freaking sake. he is one of the creator of the universe, he can’t die, he’s not supposed to. But it’s nice to see the “otherside” of him.


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