Facebook Withdrawal Plan.

Pebrero 3, 2012

So here we go folks, the compulsory change to timeline is looming. my “personal” time to delete/deactivate facebook account has come.  Very aptly, I’m also having some issues on it so this might really be the right time to do it.

Phase 1 has already started. and that is to remove all the “auto-login” on all computers and browsers that I am using.

Phase 2 is where I’m having a problem. I can just go ahead and delete it right and there, but I’m thinking about the photos I uploaded. I have think of ways to do it, and that is,
A. Unfriend all the non-family. and just leave it as that. (no friends, no reason to Facebook.) or,
B. Just leave it alone and just use will power not to login.

but that course of action of course does not “delete or deactivate” facebook. so I’m also having problems with that.

I don’t know yet. but what I surely know is this. if that timeline is going to be shoved in my arse, I’m going to quit facebook. but how, is still the question how  execute it.


2 mga puna

  1. I hate Timeline. I don’t like it. I abhor it. Wish I could quit Facebook.

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