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Interesting exchange of text leads to this entry.

Pebrero 13, 2012

So the story was, I was somewhere listening to relatively old people (around the age of 50’s if I’m not mistaken) and they talked about politics a little bit. and suddenly came to conclusion that if majority of people are like that, then really. the politics of this country is so bound to be doomed sooner or later. so I texted a friend. saying something like that. and here’s the exchange:

Me: Interesting talk bout politics. now politics has no chance in this country. ahehehehe.
Friend: Meron. Look at PNoy
Me:  not for me. hehe
Friend: U dnt gv up hope. Hope myt b d las thing we may hve
Me: the election is the last hope. and we blew it. hehehe.
Friend: No. D people decided. Stay with it.
Me: Exactly. they decided. and im not included. kaya nakakabwiset yung mga nagrereklamo pumili sila ng competent tapos. hehe. thats just me
Friend: Ur part op d WholE so stick wt d majority.
Me: No im not part of the herd because i choose to.
Friend: Bhala ka pra kang si ******************
Me: of course.

But anyway, since that’s a text conversation. I really can’t convey my thoughts properly, so I guess I would do that here.

I know I am spewing out negativity left and right, but I can’t help it. this is just a pattern since the government of this country was established. nothing has changed since 1900’s I mean, there MUST be something wrong here somewhere.

and one problem I think why we still have that problem now? conformity. We already forgot to think and decide for ourselves. we just blindly accept what is being fed to us and leave it as is. add to that the very wide information gap about.. everything.

I mean, we really thank politicians if they build roads hospitals and stuffs, and most people think that it’s coming from their own pockets too. really. I think I just lost it.

I know I am also one to blame for doing nothing. but what can I do? people have already tagged me eccentric, weird, or whatever because I don’t always conform to them.

well I guess only time will tell if what I have said is correct or not. but in case I was correct. don’t forget that I told you so.


Facebook Withdrawal Plan.

Pebrero 3, 2012

So here we go folks, the compulsory change to timeline is looming. my “personal” time to delete/deactivate facebook account has come.  Very aptly, I’m also having some issues on it so this might really be the right time to do it.

Phase 1 has already started. and that is to remove all the “auto-login” on all computers and browsers that I am using.

Phase 2 is where I’m having a problem. I can just go ahead and delete it right and there, but I’m thinking about the photos I uploaded. I have think of ways to do it, and that is,
A. Unfriend all the non-family. and just leave it as that. (no friends, no reason to Facebook.) or,
B. Just leave it alone and just use will power not to login.

but that course of action of course does not “delete or deactivate” facebook. so I’m also having problems with that.

I don’t know yet. but what I surely know is this. if that timeline is going to be shoved in my arse, I’m going to quit facebook. but how, is still the question how  execute it.