Why Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is FAIL.

Disyembre 15, 2011

Disclaimer: this is a fanboy rant, and I guess this photo is a proof. (I also have Metal Gear Solid Integral for PS1, but a friend borrowed it since last year and haven’t returned it since then.)

so let’s start, but before all that, I’ll say the positive aspect of the new title first.

It’s not Metal Gear Solid. At least, people can argue “that’s not canon!” or something like that.

But I think it would have been better since they already rebooted it to just create a new character on a far-far away place, maybe something like alternate universe or something, but no, they used Raiden then placed the story AFTER MGS4. so that’s where my first issue lies.

I don’t even know how to start this one (may brain is bombarded with thoughts after thoughts). but the title was Revengeance, so presumably Rose and his child got killed or kidnapped then he’s taking vengeance. cool, great. but wait, what’s with those Gekko? who’s controlling it? Isn’t the connection to JD has already been severed because of the FOXALIVE? so the AI have found a way to get around it? so how will it go now? they’ll sever it again, then the AI will found a way to get around it forever and ever? or they will just destroy it and the world will be in chaos? Also why in hell does this Raiden look a like throw Metal Gear Ray using only his hands?!

That brings me to the second point, the overall feel of the game has completely changed, and in our local language it has become “kenkoy” I can’t think of an English word equivalent, so I’ll leave it at that. (besides, I believe I don’t have any readers anyway)

So, let’s try to compare the two trailers, MGS:Rising and Revengeance.



See? I’m not really good with words, but the Revengeance feels so… I don’t know, cartoony perhaps? definitely because of the game engine.

So there you go, my random blabber about revengeance.

so there you go, as I have said earlier, I am writing this as a fanboy. good thing it’s not part of the MGS series, but whether it is a good decision to reboot it and still release it rather than just announcing it was a dead game, only time can tell.

that concept of Kojima using the Boss and the Cobra Unit on the Invasion of Normandy was a good one (I would love to see this become a reality). Also, I guess Kojima is only doing this game just for the sake of doing it, not because he really liked it. think about it for a minute, he left the whole thing to his so-called “new generation” staff and focused on Peace Walker. I mean, there is no enthusiasm in it. but that’s just me.

The truth is, I am not that excited since MGS:Rising was announced, I’m only on 25% excited mode, so I don’t even read news about it and never knew that it was already almost 2 years since the last E3 trailer. but now that this has happened? well, I’ll just have to wait and see.


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