Art is troublesome.

Agosto 29, 2011

Don’t get me wrong, but put it this way. I don’t have enough brain power to process artistic things. be it visual, literary, and the million other classifications of art. in short, I have inferior brain than most of the people who can and have the ability to judge artistic stuff.

But that’s where the problem comes in, a lot of people cannot understand that. but hell, who cares if they didn’t understood me, but that would make me sound like an artist? but I know I am not.

I don’t know where is this going, but I think I am going to close this by saying. the world could be a more peaceful place if we value sensitivity, on who should start showing the sensitivity, that I cannot answer.

As long as it doesn’t involve me directly, then I do not care. in short, “leave me alone, and we don’t have any problems” is currently my motto. which can cause a lot of misunderstandings and problem.


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