Hulyo 24, 2011

That is the term my friend used while we we’re talking one-on-one in our elementary reunion. But I sure know what he meant by that. I should grow up, get out of my comfort zone, and the likes. In the end, I did not do anything, but I really appreciated his effort. Now, I can find a reason behind his nickname of which I don’t really use to address him.

and then, I suddenly remembered a quote by Rizal. I don’t remember the exact words. but it tells that people who know better is at fault for not doing anything, rather than people who are less knowledgeable who picks the wrong choices. So perhaps I am the worst person in the world, right? But then, he’s also the one who said that “Wala ka namang paki alam sa mundo di ba?” or in english “You just don’t care about the world right?” of course, he is correct. so in the end, who cares, right? But seriously, speaking I think I want that part of me to change. but maybe, I’m just not ready yet. so…….

Actually I think of that as my opening for the more serious commentary about the that event, but I can’t seem to type anything. so might as well do that next time.

Now Playing -The Ideal Condition (Paul Hartnoll)*

*= I just missed that feature of Livejournal before.


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