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Abril 29, 2011

Seven channels on free TV, showing exactly the same stuff. amazing… but still, this question haunts me. “how relevant it is to our lives?”


Why the Conditional Cash Transfer would not function properly.

Abril 26, 2011

OT Intro: dami talagang bobo sa pilipinas, imbes na mag tulungang umangat pinapairal ang kabobohan at crab mentality, no wonder kung bakit ganito tayo. may nabasa na naman kasi akong comment presumably from the same person pero yun lang, bahala na siya sa buhay niya nakapag move on na (ata) ako.

Anyway, what am I talking about today as the title says, is about the conditional cash transfer project of our current administration, that was first implemented by the previous administration that now lambasts it as ineffective program. Actually, I only have one point and I’m not really sure if it is a valid one.

I couldn’t care less if it is a dole out or what because it really is. But the main problem is, the involvement of the Local Government Units. Sure, they do “know” who is the poorest of the poor on their respective areas. Unfortunately, with the current state of politics here in our country, it would not work as it is supposed to be. My point being? You see, most people here has that mentality of the “kakampi” or ally and “kalaban” or opponent of the respective political party or clan, of course the mentality is, if you are an ally then you get the goods. if not, then you are fucked. I am pretty sure that happens even on the national level it’s just that it is easier to see that on the local level. can you see my point now? if the LGU “validates” who should be the beneficiaries then in theory, they can control it. so even if they are one of the “poorest of the poor” but didn’t vote or support the current mayor or governor.

As long as people see politicians as a Patron, nothing would change, as long as they think that the “help” the politician does came from his/her own pocket. then we will not see any change.


But then again, you guys voted for the current administration, so sorry guys it’s out of our hands, you did that to your own doing. so please stop complaining, you guys don’t have the right to complain specially to those who voted for the guy.


Wow, my last post was April 2010.