An Experience with a restaurant called “Chelsea”

Oktubre 13, 2009

Wow, I haven’t blogged for a while… A lot has happened since my last blog entry. LOL…

Anyway, last night we had a dinner at a certain restaurant called “Chelsea” located at Serendra in Fort Bonifacio here in Taguig. We really don’t eat out unless there is an occasion or something.

Anyway, I was reluctant at first because of the somewhat a little bit soaring prices (at least for me) in their menu… If I remembered correctly, the cheapest was around 220 which is a soup and the most expensive If I remembered correctly is around 4000 pesos which is a bombshell because it is a sparkling wine… well my brother told me “galing daw kasi sa france” which is indicated in the menu.

all in all, we ordered around 6 meals… and the total price was around 600-700 pesos per person. (I just won’t tell how many we are as you would have guessed how much the bill was :P) However please take note that this is in our case, I have read in the internet some even had budget around 800 – 1000 per person.

and after all of that introduction here we go on what we ordered.
Exhibit A

DSC05409 (Custom)

It was a duck…. I really don’t remember the exact names in the menu as it is.. but all I remember was, it was a crispy duck with a risotto. and it was tasty….

Exhibit B

DSC05410 (Custom)

This one I really liked. It was a salmon with mashed potato in a pesto sauce… I don’t know… It just worked… as I have said while tasting it… “effect” 🙂

Exhibit C

DSC05411 (Custom)

This is a full slab baby back ribs… again, being the bad food critique that I am. there’s nothing I can say bad about this meal… If I remembered correctly, the place where I have ate baby back ribs in the past as far as I can remember was clawdaddy’s and I must say… there’s not much of a difference besides the serving… maybe because it is a full slab. right? 🙂

Exhibit D

DSC05412 (Custom)

As you can see, It is a 16 inch “all meat” pizza with mushrooms (I forgot what kind) and well… meat. as for comment about this, as the shape was a little bit oblong, the pizza had a wider outside crust on each slice… that was crispy. and the feeling while holding it was a bit weird I think. but that’s just me. regarding the taste… I can’t say anything bad about it, but I don’t think there’s anything special about it at the same time besides the fact that the tabasco provided was spicier that I was used to? err.. that’s also weird. 🙂

Exhibit E

DSC05413 (Custom)DSC05414 (Custom)

This again, I like. being me that has a short term memory loss. I don’t really remember the full name in the menu.. what I knew was it was “fish and chips” with coleslaw a somewhat mayo dip and a vinegar dip. At first I thought it was just a finger size breaded fish and potatoes. but when it was served.. I was surprised that it was a two whole fish that was already filleted placed in a… well cone? and the breading was interesting too… bad thing I am not good at knowing what I have tasted (well, I have not really think about it though… I’m just enjoying the experience LOL).

Exhibit F… No photos… I don’t know maybe my brother deleted or forgot the take a photo. It was the only “fail” dish for the night (as he said it). it was a seafood linguine in tomato sauce. the seafood was so-so with the exception of the fish which is I think perfectly cooked. In my opinion the sauce is a bit.. I don’t know too thick? being a “seafood” pasta, I understand that there was virtually no salt in it but I don’t know maybe it’s too dry? or I just wanted more sauce perhaps? so I can have that “sssuuupp” sound while slurping it? 🙂 (please take note that I prefer the somewhat sour tomato sauces in pasta than the “filipino” style that is sweet.)

All in all, it was a good experience and I liked it… so that all folks.

All photos was taken by my brother… no editing has been done aside from resizing so please bear with me.


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