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Marso 13, 2009

Well, I should have been sleeping by now… but I said “I’m gonna find my pencil case before I go to sleep” Instead, I found my school supplies. when I was in 2nd year. test papers. stuffs.

one thing in common about the test papers? 95% of all it, I failed the exam. hahaha…. I don’t know if that just shows my boredom and not studying. and such.. (but will contradict that I’m intelligent, of which i never believed.) and there’s this… surge of memories going back… specially when i saw the “P.E.H.M.” notebook. If I’m right. P.E.H.M. means, Physical Education, Health and Music. well, there you go. I remembered writing those notes. (of which i never read) on the school gym. under the hot sun… around, 2-5 pm if i remembered correctly (hey, there’s a consolation. we have a roof), while seating on the floor. and the notebook is also on the floor. (of course, you should have imagine how that was.) and THAT was really REALLY not good for the back… Talk about “Back Physical Education” there. at the same time, contradicts the “Health” part. Maybe PEHM should just be call PEM. you know, Music has something to do with “physical” anyway. (good thing I never had a permanent problem in my spine LOL.)

So much for that, but, before I end my rant at this “PEHM” I also remembered, that this.. “douche bag” (sorry, PEHM teacher, I forgot your name) that he’s always saying that this and that. you know, something like (note: of course, this is exagerrated) “this shtudent on that school paper? he’s my student? now he’s a scholar on *insert name of an overrated college here* bla hbla hb lah blah”

Now I’m thinking… He IS a scholar… but a “varsity” scholar… not that I’m suggesting that varsity lacks in academics… but you know? and he’s always on this “fitting shirts and above the knee shorts” always. and I MEAN always. that adds to the “cannot be trusted” type of persons.

So wherever you are under… this is for you. There’s a large chance that you won’t get to read it… But if you ever did read this. please, do your students a favor and give then chair and table when you’re asking them to take down notes that’s like a “carbon copy” of the book. and if it’s not in you’re control, ask it to the higher ups… i mean, “spinal problems” is not a good thing you know.