How Politics can fuck up things.

Enero 18, 2009

Every year….. So much for introduction of this shit.

I’m not really a big fan of religion or feasts, but I’m seeing is just plain crap. our baranggay is celebrating the feast of sto. nino (later) and san sebastian (next sunday) and our feast this week is flocking with politicians. (because of some shady happenings) like our hermana mayor this year is the (dis)honorable congress woman of taguig pateros. (well, that gave it all, where the hell am I located. But that won’t stop me from ranting.) anyway, this night’s show is some sort they called “variety show” that really really look liked a free “night” pass on comedy bars and “meeting de avance-ish” like program. and the streets are also flocking with streamers that has not happened in the past years as I remembered. Streamers of opposing parties… and now I ask myself… WHY? on the past years, this never happened… I never saw ANY streamer and banner of any politicians here. oh well…

geez. that’s really crappy. I hope next year things are not like this anymore. it’s just plain.. shit.


2 mga puna

  1. merv! merv! merv!

    miss ko na kayo! patawad sa mga pangiindyan ha… super busy these days.

  2. Hoy! piyesta na pala ulet sa inyo! wahahhhhhhh di ka nag invite hehehe

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