Non-Aggressive aggression how?

Abril 27, 2008

If your not interested in aliens, sharks and those stuffs, just go tick the back button right now and save yourself a few minutes of your time. 😀

Now I ask you, how will you go against someone without being aggressive? without hurting someone? without stepping one someone head or something?

Now I’m thinking about that, is that even possible? it seems that’s it’s not possible in anyway. although I am really trying hard to have that “non-aggressive” aggression, like if someone or something angers me of sort, i always try my best to just keep my mouth shut, talk slowly, and all that stuff.

but what if, this is not just against one person? but i mean, a group or something like that? how would you show your “against” them without being aggressive, or being “upfront” that you fucking hate them or sort of shits like that? what are the choices? i know there’s a lot of possibilities, but there’s only one thing that i can think of. create your own group, that directly “attacks” them or something like that… but that’s already out of scope of the topic “non-aggressive aggression” so how? maybe create your own group, that will cater “almost” the same of the group your against with but perhaps it would be way much better if you would pose as a alternative, not “against” that certain group. i mean, at least the “members” would not be stranded in the “cross fire” or something like that.


2 mga puna

  1. intriguing

  2. just like you, i was intrigued by that. hahahaha 😀

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