when to know it’s over?

Oktubre 2, 2007

haha, does friendship dies? i mean like. does it die?

hindi yung sa nagaway, nagkainisan. etc. the happening of no communication. then parang nag fade lang. then. one time nagkasalubong kayo sa mall para bang “hi, hello” then naglagpasan na kayo? does it happen?


One comment

  1. yes, i agree ! friendship die..

    as many people says, NO PERMAMENT IN THIS WORLD!

    it all depends maybe how strong yong intensity,
    parang bagyo ba na established yong friendship.

    oo masakit din both parties, but then no expectations in every relationship, it smore easier.

    kakanta na lang tayo mga GIRLS ng THATS WHAT ARE FRIENDS ARE FOR”

    cheers to all,

    Hahaha, you’ve got it wrong. it’s not about woman. never been. 😀

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