blog # 23

Hulyo 22, 2007

since, mahina talaga ako sa title. eh daanin na lang natin sa numbering hindi ba?

anwyay, may biglang pumasok kasi sa utak ko. i mean. alam ko paranoid ako. sira ulo ko. pero ewan ko lang. i can even consider myself to be very fragile. madali rin akong magtampo. hindi ko alam kung bakit ganito ako. i mean, pinipigilan ko talaga. pero minsan. talagang tumatama na lang sa utak ko for some odd reason.

is it because i am always left out in the first place? i mean, i don’t really know how to mingle properly at other person. i’m bad at it. and, i’m like a child always crying because i’m left out. but because of that. i have evolved. i learned how to be alone. not needing other person.

i mean, if they are there. it’s okay. but when there’s no one around. it’s fine too.

but, what i hated most is the kind of person that, when he/she hates you. he/she will also hate the friends, lovers, etc. i mean like. that’s your problem, why include me? but what hurt most is. the one who did that, is kinda. a person that i trusted so much. well. that’s life.

but, good thing. i still have her on my side despite what happens. that’s why i’m really glad. 😀 hehehe

drama ko na naman :D:D


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