is it humanly possible?

Agosto 22, 2006

so, did it ever crossed your mind, if it’s possible to resign as a person? as a son/daughter to a parent? as a parent? as a sibling? as a grandson/granddaughter? like you can resign to your job if they’re not paying you the right price? so, the question here might be like “What the hell is your problem?” or something like “WTF?!?” or anything like that. to tell you the truth. i don’t even know the answer.


2 mga puna

  1. i wish to resign tooo..

  2. Hello, it’s interesting to see comments here. specially ones I created more than 5 years ago that I don’t even remember writing. (I always think that nobody will ever read this blog.)

    and 6 years after, my answer is, I think you can, We can. the only question is how can we fight our brain wiring that tells us it’s not possible. but I think, or would want to believe that anything is possible. the only question how HARD do you really want it? until what can you do to have it?

    then of course the question “Is the limitation that our brain set IS the real limitation, or is it the limitation that we set because we are too scared to go beyond that?”

    anyway I hope I made sense. thank you for the comment.

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